On location in Nicaragua

CHINANDEGA, Nicaragua A year after the founding convention of Iglesia Luterana Sínodo de Nicaragua, the church body will receive some hands-on administrative guidance. Lutheran Church–Canada’s interim mission executive and president emeritus, Rev. Dr. Ralph Mayan leaves today to spend three months in Chinandega helping the year-old church develop long-term administrative structures. His wife Linda will join him in February.

“We take so much for granted here when it comes to organization,” remarked Dr. Mayan. “With no history of church organization in Nicaragua there is a need to develop such things as a clergy and diaconal roster, call documents, administrative policies and procedures.”

During his presidency, Dr. Mayan served as an advisor to LCC’s Committee on Constitutional Matters and Structure as it developed a new constitution and bylaws for consideration by the 2002 synodical convention. His experience in this area will be valuable to the new church in Nicaragua.

Dr. Mayan will also assist the new church as it begins developing a strategic plan for further advancement of the Gospel in their country. He will also work with LCC’s missionaries in Costa Rica and Honduras as they expand their outreach ministry. “As a student, one of my dreams was to serve in a foreign mission field,” Dr. Mayan recalls. “Now, near the end of my active ministry in the church, I have that opportunity, by God’s grace. I am indeed blessed.”

While in Nicaragua, Dr. Mayan will share regularly his experiences and observations here and readers can comment, pose questions and provide encouragement.

Dr. Mayan expects to live on the mission centre campus in Chinandega. He and his wife, Linda have spent the last six months studying Spanish to help with day-to-day life.

4 Responses to On location in Nicaragua

  1. Lynda Clements says:

    we will look forward to all news from the Seminary at Chinendega. we were there on a mission the same time as you were 2 years ago. we helped build a dormitory. Please say a big hello to Roberto, Francisco, Hazel and Rosie if they are all still there from all of us in Grande Prairie, AB. God bless you as you guide the leaders.

  2. Timothy Reck says:

    I was in attendance on the opening service in Chinendaga and look forward to a great seminary and a great synod with the help of God behind us. May God bless all of the work that goes on there. I have been in Jinotega working on the church there from Dec. 29 to Jan. 22 Blessings to all

  3. sandra Martineau says:

    we have a foster daughter , through christian children’s fund ,that has moved away from Managua ,,, to san Marcos ,,, could you tell me please if there is Lutheran orginazation there so we can Continu to help this family . after 4 years we really love them and want to help them if it is possible … Feb24 we will be in Granada taking a spanish course ,, from march 3 to 10 we plan on visiting them ,but need a plan to continue helping them . Thanking you in advance for any info you can provide us with . sandra Martineau . quebec canada . the info was provided through our paster Richard Lockstadt, Our Redeamer Luthern Church in Buckingham quebec

  4. Ralph Mayan says:

    Thank you for your comment and question. Lutheran Church-Canada does not operate a Christian Children’s Program at the present time in Managua. I suspect that the program you might be refering to is with a different organization. That being the case, I would suggest that you contact that organization. At the present time, our mission is not involved in San Marcos either.

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