Dorcas Sewing School Grad


Dorcas Sewing School Graduating Class

Dorcas Sewing School Graduating Class

Sewing Instructor Santo Alver Soriano
Sewing Instructor Santo Alver Soriano

On March 21st seven students graduated from Academia Corte y Confeccion “Dorcas”. (The Academy of Style and Dressmaking.) Pastor Luis Diaz Turcios, President of Iglesia Luterana Sinodo de Nicaragua, addressed the friends and families of the graduates speaking of Dorcas and how she fulfilled the role of both Mary and Martha.  The teacher Santos Alver Soriano who has been with the sewing shcool for six years spoke of how diligent the students had been in learning new skills. She expressed appreciation to all the women in Canada who pray for the school and continue to support it financially noting especially the support of LWML-Canada. Each graduate then modeled the garment they had made and came forward to receive their graduation certificates from Senor Roberto Jose Zepeda,  the administrator of the mission.

 The students in this year’s classed ranged in age from 19 to 53.  Having learned to  design and complete an entire outfit plus other projects they will now be able to use the skills to sew for their own families, for others, or work in a textile factory.

This was the first class since moving the school from Chinendega to the Mission Centre  and the number of students enrolled was lower than expected. It is hoped to turn that around before the next class begins shortly after Easter.  Teacher Santos is planning for an enrollment of 15 students for a morning class and 15 for an afternoon class. She is publicizing the school with flyers in churches and across the major street near the Mission Centre. One of the main ways of advertising is by loud speaker on a vehicle that travels the area and broadcasts as it goes. Word of mouth is an important way of advertising so former students will be enlisted to speak about the Dorcas sewing school to friends and family.

We join in congratulating this year’s class and we ask for your prayers as preparations are made for a new class of students!

2 Responses to Dorcas Sewing School Grad

  1. Dear Sir,

    I wish to apply for sewing course in your college.
    I am a female living in Barcelona Spain.
    I will be very happy if I can get admission in your school to persue sewing course.
    I hope my application will be approved.
    Yours faithfully,

    • remayan says:

      Dear Confort,
      Thank you for your comment on the Dorcas Sewing School. The program is run as part of our Church’s outreach ministry to residents in the community of Chinandega and surrounding villages. I am sorry, but we do not accept applications from outside of this community. I do hope you are able to find some classes in sewing in Barcelona, Spain.

      May our dear Lord bless you.

      R. Mayan

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