Canadian Lutheran World Relief Visit to Nicaragua

Robert Granke, the executive director of CLWR, arrived in Nicaragua on Tuesday, November 24th to begin a 5 day visit to our LCC Mission and the congregations, pastors and deaconesses of Iglesia Luterana Sinodo de Nicaragua.  In extending the invitation to this Social Ministry partner of our Synod, our desire was to provide an on-sight view of the social ministry projects carried out through our mission centering especially on the Christian Children’s Education Program which CLWR has been supporting. 

The program, conducted in all 23 congregations of ILSN, provides an average of 25 scholarships in each community to the neediest children. The scholarship includes the required school uniform, shoes, backpack and school supplies. Each child is also enrolled in the tutoring and Christian Education class held five days a week during that period of time when the children are not in school (Children attend school either during the morning or afternoon hours.)  These classes held in the churches and led by teachers and deaconesses provide tutoring and homework support for the children in Math, Spanish and other subjects; A portion of the time is also set aside for Christian Education and cultural activities.   There are over 750 children enrolled in the program. CLWR has provided support for about 250 children. 

Robert Granke’s tour included visits to the communities of El Piloto and Racheria on Tuesday; to Las Marias, Marionelle and Chichigulpa on Wednesday. Thursday’s visits included El Bonete, Israel, Camilo Ortega and Santa Patricia. In each of the communities, Mr. Granke expressed delight in being able to see firsthand how the program has met with success creating in the communities an appreciation for education and in each child, a desire to learn and to do well in school. 

In addition to seeing first hand the Christian Education Program, Robert Granke was able to visit our Medical/Dental Clinic, our Sewing School, the Rancheria Food Program and hear an overview of our “Micro Loan” Program and our soon to begin “eyeglass lab”.  Continuing discussions during the week explored other opportunities for LCC, ILSN and CLWR to collaborate on social projects in the region.

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