Church convention and common themes

by Rev. Leonardo Neitzel

The first day of the ILSN convention, January 23 was very beautiful with all the pastors, deaconesses, teachers and delegates present. Music and celebration filled the Martin Luther Chapel and there was joy in the air.

The set up of the ILSN centre and chapel where the convention took place was well organized and the program for the convention uplifting. President Luiz and the missionaries presented their reports; President Bugbee greeted the participants on behalf of Lutheran Church–Canada; the ILSN elected its new vice-president and treasurer today.

The theme of the convention was taken from the Gospel of John 15.1-17 where Jesus presents himself as the Vine and us as the branches. It explored our ´unity and fraternity in Christ Jesus.´

Among many blessings I have seen here are common themes in several congregations and mission stations for which we can praise and thank the Lord:
• People faithfully abiding in the Word of God through regular Bible studies;
• mission outreach at the heart of each activity;
• well balanced social ministry through care for the soul and the body in a holistic missionary approach;
• children’s education and training leaders;
• challenges and hardships in some areas, but endurance and the joy of the results for God´s glory as people are brought to faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour.

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