Festive and busy day includes meeting with missionaries

by Rev. Leonardo Neitzel

Under the theme “Unidad e Fraternidad en Cristo Jesus” (Unity and fraternity in Christ Jesus) the last day of the second convention of the Iglesia Luterana Sínodo de Nicaragua started at 9 a.m. with devotion and the business of the day. At 11 a.m. the closing service took place with about 80 people attending.

President Bugbee delivered the sermon pointing to the grace of God through Jesus Christ who brought His Church to where it is, and also encouraged the Lutherans in their faithfulness and commitment to the mission of the Lord. The offering from the closing service will be forwarded to those who are suffering in Haiti due to the earthquake. The service also included the celebration of the Lord’s Supper and installation of recently-elected officers.

Following the worship, mealtime and fellowship, President Bugbee together with pastors Neitzel and Mayan held meetings with the LCC missionaries to Honduras and Costa Rica who attended the ILSN convention. The missionaries´ reports were very uplifting and encouraging as the Lord continues to open doors for the proclamation of the Gospel. This hasn’t been without difficulties, but the missionaries are encouraged in sharing about their plans to continue taking the Gospel into other communities in these countries.

They mentioned specific, small projects that LCC might support in the future. Distances are great. It took pastor Douglas two days by bus to come from his mission area in Honduras to the convention in Chinandega. The missionaries from Costa Rica are not close geographically to the ILSN centre either.

Our meeting included a special time in prayer with the missionaries on behalf of their work. They have asked for our continual prayers on behalf of the mission outreach to the communities where they serve. They expressed their gratitude to the Lord and to the churches and individuals in Canada who support the mission.

For more information on these missionaries and their work see LCC’s mission pages on LCC’s website.

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