A New Door Opened!

by Rev. Dr. Ralph Mayan

God continues to open doors for the proclamation of the Gospel. This morning it was my privilege to participate in the formal opening of a new mission and preaching station in the community of El Naranjo. The community is about 3 kilometres from Santa Patricia where Pastor Mardo serves one of the first established congregations in the Synod, La Iglesia Luterana Jesucristo Neustro Salvador.

Pastor Mardo began making visits in the community of El Naranjo about one month ago in response to an invitation. A family from the community had been touched by the help received from a visiting Medical Clinic in Santa Patricia and the encouragement and support given by Pastor Mardo and the congregation’s deaconesses. They invited him to visit in their home. The first visit led to a second; then to the start of a bible study in their home and a program of planned visits with all the neighbours in the community.

But they weren’t going to wait any longer. Today, they would gather for their first formal service. There were 12 gathered under the Cashew tree. They sang, they confessed; they listen to God’s Word and they prayed that God would bless this new mission start in their community.

We join them in praying too that as God opens new doors for witness, we all might be bold to enter and proclaim the name of Jesus. O Lord, grant faith to every hearer!

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