President Bugbee reports from Korea

August 27, 2009

After a 13-hour flight from Chicago, Gail and I arrived safely in Seoul, Korea, on Tuesday afternoon. It took two hours to drive around the edges of this city of 10 million to arrive at the hotel which is hosting this 23rd World Conference of the International Lutheran Council.

Surprisingly enough, we were met at the airport by Michael Choi, a member of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Moncton, New Brunswick, who is here on holidays visiting loved ones in Korea! He and his pastor drove us to our accomodations to spare us a long bus ride.

The days are filled with business, Bible study, and getting to know the Korean Church. We visited Luther University and Seminary yesterday. Despite its small size, the Korean Church has published Bible studies which have been used by nearly a half-million of their fellow citizens. And the university touches the lives of many people far beyond the church’s modest membership.

Our topic studies are arranged around the theme “In Christ: Living Life to the Full.” I will serve as a Bible study leader on the final day of the conference. This coming Sunday we will be attending the services of one of our sister congregations in the Seoul area, which is hosting us at a special dinner afterward.

It’s the end of the rainy season, which means hot and humid here in Korea! Thank the Lord for air conditioning. Also had a wonderful luncheon with President and Mrs. Mike Semmler of the Lutheran Church in Australia, who are good friends of President and Mrs. Ralph Mayan, and who send their greetings to our Synod and their friends in Canada.

If I can get some more time on this coin-operated public computer, I’ll try to check in with you again sometime later in the week.

From Yongin, Korea…

Gail and Robert Bugbee

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