At the end of the Global Encounter

by Ian Adnams

For the past two days we have been in Geneva meeting with representatives of the Lutheran World Federation and World Council of Churches. Although Lutheran Church-Canada is not a member of either organization, the presenters brought context to much of the work we saw in Palestine.

We also met with the general secretary of ACTalliance through which CLWR is working in Haiti. The report on that meeting is at

Throughout this Global Encounter, I have been able to coordinate the news releases to LCC and the national media using my Blackberry. With the time difference, I could be travelling on a bus to a location reading e-mails and working with stories that would appear the next day.
Wireless connectivity is a blessing in times of crisis. The downside is having less time to reflect on immediate experiences because one is also dealing with a different kind of reality half-way around the world.

I hope my reports from Israel and Palestine have shed some new light on the situation there. I know I will bring a broader understanding to the news from the Middle East as we continue to pray for peace.

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