Lutheran missionary reports on Bangkok situation

by Rev. Dr. Leonard Harms

Carol and I are waiting in the departure area of the airport in Phnom Penh Cambodia. We have been watching the news closely. At the present time there are no reasons for us to fear returning to Bangkok. The news has certainly not been good. The military has decided to surround the area in which the dissidents have made their headquarters and rallying point. The Red Shirt takeover of that part of the city does not affect us where we live. We are about 26 km from where that action is located. However, there is a strong military presence to and from the airport and on highways approaching the city from the North of Thailand. The government is trying to prevent the dissidents from invading the city in large numbers. They have been successful

The social and financial impact of the past few months will take a long time to settle out. As you can imagine, foreign governments are advising their citizens not to travel to Thailand. However, it still remains quite safe for those of us who do not go downtown to the tourist areas. Foreigners are understandably not coming to Thailand in great numbers.

However, God is watching over all of us in the church here. We remain safe and we do not take chances. Next week Carol and I will be in the Phang Nga province to visit our brothers and sisters in Takuapa and Khok Kloi. We will be about 500 km from the far south where there is a continuing Islamic insurrection. We will still be safe.

Remember our brothers and sisters in Thailand Concordia Lutheran Church in your prayers. We remain comforted and protected in God’s loving hands.

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  1. […] LCC volunteer missionary, Rev. Dr. Leonard Harms and his wife, Carol, returned to Bangkok from Cambodia over the weekend. They live 26 km from the area of the sprawling Thai capital currently experiencing violence. Read Dr. Harms’ report HERE […]

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